Jayco Seal

Our Specialty Sealer can be used on all concrete and masonry products for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications. Jayco Seal is only applied by Jayco Companies/ MHaro Contracting and is not for sale. This Proprietary Material enhances concrete and masonry making them richer in color. Jayco Seal protects against stains caused by dirt, mud, oil, tire tracks, rust, food, tar, gum and Efflorescence. Eliminate sand wash out and re-sanding joints. Acts as a sand stabilizer and Waterproofs the entire paver system. Jayco Seal will not allow water to leak between joints protecting the sand bed below the paver thus keeping the bed sand from being undermined and avoiding paver settlement. Jayco Seal comes in 3 sheens: Invisible (1 year warranty), Natural/Satin (3 year warranty) and Wet Look/Semi and Gloss (5 year warranty).

What We Do


Each Professional installer is trained to perform the detailed residential and Commercial applications we provide.


Our specialty sealer can be used on all concrete and masonry products with a plan designated specifically with your preferences in mind for residential,commercial and industrial applications.


We guarantee our products from 1 to 5 years Jayco invisible has a 1 year warranty Jayco semi-gloss 3-year warranty Jayco wet-look 5 year warranty